Can Any Mattress Go On an Adjustable Base

by Editorial Team on Nov 21, 2023

Can Any Mattress Go On an Adjustable Base

Adjustable beds have gained popularity lately, allowing you to customize your comfort by adjusting your body's position. But can any mattress be used on an adjustable base, or do you need a special one? Let's delve into Can Any Mattress Go On an Adjustable Base? and what to consider when choosing a mattress.

What is An Adjustable Bed Base?

An adjustable bed base is a frame under your mattress that moves via remote control. It allows you to elevate and lower your head and feet to various angles, often including support for your lower back. These modern sleep solutions address multiple health concerns and offer diverse functionalities, including wireless controls and connectivity to smart devices.

How Do Adjustable Base Beds Work?


Adjustable beds use electric motors to raise and lower different sections of the bed frame. They move very smoothly between positions so you can find the perfect angle. The head of the bed, where your pillow rests, can be raised up to 60 or 70 degrees. This allows you to sit upright comfortably in bed. They also often have massage features, USB ports, lighting and other features. These mechanical beds provide better support for various activities and relieve certain health issues. These are perfect for the elderly and patients who are required to stay in bed for longer periods. 

Do You Need A Special Mattress For An Adjustable Bed?

Not all mattresses are suitable for adjustable bases. Flexible, lightweight, durable, and appropriately sized mattresses are essential. Ultra-firm coil systems aren't flexible enough, but hybrid, memory foam, and certain inner spring mattresses are safe options.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base

Adjustable beds offer many great benefits for sleep, health, and relaxation:

  • Relieve back, neck, and joint pain
  • Relief for conditions like sleep apnea
  • Reduce acid reflux, GERD, and snoring  
  • Easier breathing for congestion and sinus issues
  • Improved circulation in the legs
  • More comfortable reading, working on a laptop, watching TV in bed
  • Luxury feel with massage settings

Considerations For Your Adjustable Bed

If you're shopping for a new mattress with an adjustable base, consider these factors:

1. Mattress Size: 

Make sure to choose the same mattress and base size (Twin, Queen, King, etc). Split adjustable bases allow couples to choose different positions. Match the dimensions carefully to avoid any inconvenience.

2. Mattress Flexibility: 

For an adjustable base, the mattress should be softer and flexible enough to be able to adapt to changing positions. Look for materials like latex or pocketed coils. Innerspring may have gaps when adjusting.

3. Mattress Firmness

Finding an ideal firmness is the key. Medium soft to medium firm are best for adjustable base. Too soft, and you sink down when raised upright, so consider your comfort preferences while selecting.

4. Mattress Durability:

Look out for materials that are durable to ensure your mattress lasts as long as your adjustable base. High-density foam and sturdy edges prevent sagging over time. 

The Best Mattresses For An Adjustable Bed

Certain mattress types pair better with adjustable bases. If your existing mattress has responsive foam or spring made with high-quality material and if it has reinforced edges and doesn’t get gaps at flex points then it will work fine. However, here are some top options with additional features:

1. Latex Mattresses

All-natural latex foam contours smoothly and is very durable. They are naturally flexible and stand out as an excellent choice for adjustable bases. Latex mattresses provide a comfortable yet highly supportive surface for restful sleep. 

2. Memory Foam Mattresses 

Responsive memory foam flexes easily. Look for thicker comfort layers and reinforced edges. 

Memory foam mattresses, with their contouring properties, offer ideal support for adjustable bases. They adapt to different positions seamlessly.

3. Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses seamlessly blend the support of innerspring coils with the adaptive comfort of memory foam. The innerspring coils contribute flexibility, allowing the mattress to contour to different positions, while the memory foam prevents any uncomfortable gaps, ensuring a consistently supportive and comfortable sleep surface.

Mattresses to Avoid

Adjustable beds allow you to find your ideal sleeping position. But can any mattress go on an adjustable base? The key is finding a mattress that bends well. 

There are few mattresses to avoid at all costs.

Traditional innerspring mattresses

Old-fashioned innerspring mattresses with interconnected coils don't flex well on adjustable bases. This can leave gaps between the mattress and base when you adjust positions.

Limited flexibility 

Extra firm mattresses or those with dense, rigid foam won't contour smoothly to different inclined positions. This can lead to discomfort in the neck, shoulders and legs.

Potential discomfort

Mattresses that sag in the middle or have worn-out foam won't provide proper spinal support and alignment. The gaps and lack of support can cause neck, back and joint pain. 

Low-quality or worn-out mattresses

Any mattress that lacks adequate support, contouring and durability will deteriorate faster when used on an adjustable base. The bending puts extra wear on a mattress, so quality is key.

Compatibility Factors

Structural integrity and flexibility are the two primary factors that determine if a mattress pairs well with an adjustable base. Here we will discuss important factors to Determine Mattress Compatibility: 

Material and Flexibility

Let's look at how common mattress materials impact compatibility:

  1. Memory Foam: Known for conforming closely to the body, memory foam evenly distributes weight as the bed changes positions. This makes memory foam one of the best options for adjustable bases.
  2. Latex: Natural and synthetic latex, both are resilient and respond well to bending. Their flexibility prevents sagging and maintains support.
  3. Innersprings: Pocketed coils and continuous coils provide bounce and breathability. However, frequent bending can compromise the springs over time. Look for durable coils gauges between 14 to 15 in an innerspring mattress.
  4. Airbeds: The adjustable firmness and modular structure of airbeds work well with adjustable frames. Separate air chambers prevent gaps from forming as the bed adjusts.


Mattress thickness is another important factor. Ultra-thin mattresses under 8 inches may lack adequate support on an adjustable base. Medium thickness between 10 to 14 inches offers a balance of comfort and flexibility. Overly thick mattresses above 14 inches can be difficult to bend.

Checking Mattress Warranty and Guidelines 

Always check the manufacturer's guidelines before pairing a mattress with an adjustable base. Some warranties exclude coverage if used on incompatible bases, so verifying before purchase prevents any inconvenience.

Shopping Guide

When shopping for an adjustable base and mattress, keep these key tips in mind:

  1. Test out display models in stores to observe motion and range of adjustment.
  2. Compare warranties - lifespan and coverage vary between brands and models.
  3. For split king bases, try lying in different positions to ensure your spine stays aligned as adjustments are made.
  4. Select a mattress between 10 to 14 inches thick for optimal comfort and flexibility.
  5. Ask the manufacturer if the mattress can be used with an adjustable base before purchasing.
  6. Consider enhanced features like massage, lighting, and programmable presets based on individual needs and budget.
  7. Choose a reputable brand known for durability and material quality.
  8. Read customer reviews and check the brand’s rating.

Maintenance Tips

To ensure the longevity of your adjustable base and mattress, proper maintenance is important. Make adjustments gradually to allow the mattress to respond to the changing angles comfortably. Minor impressions are normal but significant sagging may require replacement.

Here are some suggestions for maintaining your mattress and adjustable base to get the most out of your sleep system:

  • Monthly cleaning of the base with mild soap and water prevents dust buildup.
  • Vacuum the mattress regularly to keep fibers and fills fresh.
  • Alternate the head and foot positions to evenly distribute weight.
  • Check for ripped covers or worn upholstery and repair immediately.
  • Refresh sagging foam mattresses with a topper.
  • Contact the manufacturer if you hear unusual noises or experience breakdowns.

Do Adjustable Bases Ruin Mattresses?

Adjustable beds do not ruin most mattresses. Some wear happens over time. Rotate the mattress to prevent uneven sagging. Replace the mattress if it no longer provides comfort and support. There is nothing more important than your spine health. An adjustable bed allows you to position your spine in proper alignment at the required angles. Selecting the adaptive mattress that supports the base adjustments and proper maintenance extends its lifespan.


Choosing the right mattress compatible with an adjustable base involves considering size, flexibility, firmness, materials, and durability. Understanding these factors while shopping will help you make an informed decision and achieve your sleep goals. At NZR Furniture, customize your comfort for a good night's sleep!


Can you put any mattress on an adjustable base?

Most standard mattresses will work on an adjustable base. But flexible foam or hybrid mattresses contour best. 

What type of mattress works with adjustable beds?

Memory foam and latex mattresses flex easily. Pocketed coil hybrids also contour well. Extra-firm innerspring may leave gaps.

How long do adjustable bases and mattresses typically last?

The lifespan of adjustable bases and mattresses varies. Factors such as materials, usage, and maintenance play a role in determining longevity.

Are memory foam mattresses suitable for adjustable bases?

Yes, memory foam mattresses are a great fit for adjustable bases due to their contouring properties and flexibility.

What size mattress is best for an adjustable base?

Choosing a mattress size that aligns with the dimensions of your adjustable base ensures a seamless fit and optimal comfort.

What thickness of mattress should I get?

10-14 inches provides the best balance of comfort and flexibility. Thinner mattresses lack support on adjustable beds.

Can I use my existing mattress with an adjustable base?

Yes, but it depends on the mattress type and flexibility.

Do adjustable bases cause damage to mattresses over time?

Proper usage and maintenance can minimize the risk of damage.

What should I consider when shopping for a mattress for an adjustable base?

Look for flexibility, compatibility, and consider the mattress thickness.

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