Adjustable Mattress Base

A mattress with an adjustable base can take your sleep to the next level of comfort by allowing you to change the position and angle of your mattress. These high-tech bases have movable parts and motors that let you raise the head or feet of the mattress up or down. Adjustable bed bases also provide many benefits for your health. NZR Furniture assists you in upgrading your bedroom with a foundation that adapts to your preferences or needs. Find quality furniture, including adjustable mattress bases, at NZR Furniture.

Types of Adjustable Bed Bases

There are a few main types of adjustable beds. Basic adjustable bases move the head of the mattress up and down. More advanced models also allow adjustments to the foot of the mattress, as well as features like massage and preset positions. 

Frames are available in both metal and wood construction. Sizes range from twin to king to fit standard mattresses. Ashley Queen Or King Adjustable Base MASSAGE+LIGHTS is the most in-demand product at NZR Furniture, available in different sizes.  Check out our range of foundation options for your adjustable mattress base.


The adjustable base mattress allows customization for your ideal sleep position. These come with various features:

  • These technology-advanced bases can adjust the head to 60-70 degrees and the foot to 45 degrees to customize the ideal sleep position.
  • They can elevate the upper body to relieve acid reflux, breathing issues, and back pain.
  • Higher-end models add a wireless remote control system for convenience.
  • You can enjoy added luxury with built-in massage features that help soothe muscles and enhance overall relaxation.
  • The latest models have USB ports and preset positions.
  • Some bases are compatible with mattresses with adjustable air chambers to customize firmness. Explore compatible mattresses-in-a-box for your adjustable mattress base.


Using an adjustable foundation offers many potential health and lifestyle advantages. Key benefits include:

  1. Alleviating pain and pressure 
  2. Reducing acid reflux symptoms
  3.  Improving circulation  
  4.  Enhancing breathing and sleep apnea
  5.  Easing swelling in legs and feet
  6.  Allowing comfortable reading, working, and watching TV in bed
  7. Customizing positions for discomfort or changing needs
  8. Supporting mobility limitations
  9. Accommodating different body types and sizes  

NZR Furniture offers a king mattress with an adjustable base that helps you to achieve optimal posture and promotes a health-conscious sleep environment.

Browse By Dimensions

Adjustable beds are available in all standard mattress sizes, so you can find one to fit your existing bed frame or match the mattress you prefer. Typically, sizes range from twin to twin XL to full to queen to split king mattresses with adjustable base dimensions. 

Measure your bedroom space and current bed first to select the adjustable base size you need. Consider sizing up for extra width or length. If sharing the bed with a partner, look for adjustable foundations with expandable widths. Enhance comfort with our pillow top mattress designed for adjustable mattress bases.

Most quality adjustable bed bases can handle medium to thick mattresses from 6” up to 14” deep to support any mattress type. Be mindful of mattress weight limits for the base model as you choose.

Why Shop with NZR Furniture?

  • Quality Assurance: Our adjustable mattress bases are crafted with durability and quality in mind, ensuring a long-lasting investment in your sleep comfort.

  • Easy Assembly: Our adjustable bases are designed for easy assembly, allowing you to enjoy your sleep setup without the hassle of complicated installation.

  • Expert Customer Support: Our knowledgeable customer support team is here to guide you through the selection process and answer any inquiries.

Invest in a sleep solution that adapts to you. Explore our adjustable mattress base king or any size collection and transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort. Elevate your sleep experience with the touch of a button - because your comfort is our priority.

FAQ: Adjustable Mattress Base

Are adjustable beds challenging to assemble? 

Most adjustable bed frames are easy to assemble and have clear instructions and necessary tools. Many companies also offer white glove delivery and expert assembly.

How long do adjustable bases last?

With quality construction, an adjustable base can last 12-15 years, comparable to a flat foundation. Choose well-built models and follow the manufacturer's care guidelines for longevity.

Can adjustable mattress bases accommodate different mattress types?

Yes, most quality adjustable bases can handle medium to thick mattresses from 6” up to 14” deep, supporting various mattress types.

Do adjustable beds use more electricity?

Adjustable beds don't significantly increase your monthly electricity cost. The integrated motors, massagers, and electronics use less energy than a traditional box fan. Most bed bases draw very low amperage.

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