A mattress foundation is a base that supports your mattress and absorbs weight to extend mattress life. Simply put, it's the base that your mattress sits on. A sturdy and appropriate foundation is essential for the longevity and performance of your mattress. It also plays an important role in overall sleep comfort and spinal support. Understanding your options will ensure you choose the best mattress foundation.  

Types of Mattress Foundations


A solid mattress foundation absorbs weight and stress to keep mattresses fresh. Investing in a box spring or platform base sized for your queen or king mattress will provide essential support and stability night after night. There are various types available at NZR Furniture to choose from:  

Box springs


Box springs are a common type of mattress foundation. They are made up of a wood or metal frame with steel coil springs for support and cushioning. They work well for supporting innerspring mattresses. Many manufacturers sell queen and king box springs for sale or as part of a boxspring mattress set. They are a traditional and affordable option, specifically made for innerspring mattresses, but they take up more space. A folding box spring foundation is an ideal option for smaller spaces where the need is occasional.

Adjustable Bases


For those who enjoy a bit of customization, adjustable bases provide flexibility and often come with features like remote control and smart technology integration. The king mattress foundation pairs best with them, as does the queen mattress foundation. These high-tech bases can even bear the weight of a king size mattress foundation.

Foldable Box Springs


The foldable box spring folds in half for easier moving and mobility: these suit adjustable bases, platform beds, and other bed types. Brands like Zinus offer foldable box springs in queen and king sizes. The foldable box springs have flexible storage and mobility and a low-profile design. 

Low profile foundations 


They are ideal for platform beds with limited space underneath. They come in sizes from twin to king. Platform beds are versatile and have a sleek look. These metal frame beds pair perfectly with a low profile queen or memory foam mattress foundation. Complete your bedroom setup with mattresses in box from our foundation range.

Reasons to Shop at NZR Furniture


When selecting a mattress foundation, consider your mattress type, whether memory foam, innerspring, latex, or a hybrid, to choose the ideal base for support. Look at bed frames and space constraints to decide whether a standard or low profile box spring/foundation or platform base alternative suits your needs. NZR Furniture offers an all-in-one support system, ensuring that your mattress and foundation work together without any problem. This metal unit can be set up without any tools and provides enough lift from the floor. 


Does a mattress foundation make a difference?


Foundations offer support for your mattress. Compared to box springs, foundations provide firmer support, making your mattress feel more supported.

Which type of foundation is best for a memory foam mattress?


Memory foam mattresses and other foam types need a solid, rigid surface to maintain shape and support. Platform beds or solid foundations work better than box springs for memory foam. 

What size mattress foundation do I need? 


Foundation sizes directly correspond to standard mattress dimensions. If you have a queen or king mattress, choose the matching queen or king foundation size for a proper fit.

Can mattress foundations be repaired?


Minor issues like loose boards or squeaks can be repaired on foundations. But replacement is better for severe structural damage or broken coils in box springs. Most last 5-10 years.


Are mattress foundations easy to clean? 


Regularly vacuum the top and wipe with a gentle cleaner if stains occur. Follow specific care instructions based on wood, metal, or fabric construction material.

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