• At NZR Furniture, our focus is to offer high quality furniture and well known name brands to our customers at discounted prices. Therefore, due to our low margin we cannot accept returns or exchanges on any items. However, in an extremely exceptional case of accepting a return, at the sole discretion of the seller, -or cancellation of an order, which has been paid for and confirmed-, a nonnegotiable 20% restocking fee and a reverse delivery fee will be assessed. No return or cancellation requests will be deemed as valid unless exceptionally approved and clearly confirmed via email by us. 

  • If the money paid for the merchandise is returned to the customer by any means, including but not limited to refund or charge back, the merchandise automatically comes into the merchant’s possession regardless of the locations of the parties and the merchandise. In the face of such a situation, the customer shall be responsible for returning the merchandise in the condition it was received and assist the merchant with the return process. Failure to do so shall result in criminal and civil liability for the customer and entitles the merchant to file criminal and/or civil lawsuits at courts whose jurisdiction shall be determined by the merchant. In such a case, the customer shall be responsible for all the associated costs, including but not limited to litigation costs and attorney fees.