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by Editorial Team on Dec 04, 2023

how to style your bed

A beautifully made bed is the crown jewel of any bedroom. However, achieving that luxurious, layered look can seem out of reach without guidance. Understanding bedding basics and some professional techniques for styling a bed is the key to making your bed look magazine-worthy. 

In this blog post, we’ll answer questions like ‘How to style your bed?’ and the essentials of bedding layers, step-by-step instructions for bed styling like a hotel room, and season-specific layering methods. Bonus designer tips to take your bed’s style factor to the next level are also included. Read on to unlock the secrets of a showstopping, cozy bedscape that’s sure to impress.

How to Layer a Bed

How to Style a Bed Like a Designer

The foundation of bed layering starts with understanding the purpose and order of each component. It’s important to understand what each layer brings to the bed for both practicality and the beauty of a well-styled sleeping space. From grasping the basics of mattress toppers, sheets, duvets, pillows, and quilts to a step-by-step guide on creating the perfect bed, this section covers every aspect of bed styling.

Mattress Topper: The mattress topper enhances comfort and supports your mattress right on top of it. It is made of materials like memory foam or down. It provided a cushiony feel to the firm mattresses. 

Sheets: The base layer, often overlooked, is the sheets – the foundation for a comfortable and stylish bed. They serve a dual purpose as they guard the mattress from sweat and oils for hygienic reasons. Fitted sheets create a smooth layer over the mattress, while flat sheets provide lightweight coverage.

Pillows: Supportive pillows in shams boost comfort for lounging and sleep. Finish off the headboard area with plush yet breathable support for sitting up comfortably, plus sleep. Crisp shams are a decorative and useful accessory to maintain a clean look.  

Duvet: This fluffy insert slips inside a removable duvet cover to provide softness and warmth while remaining lightweight enough for year-round use. The combination of duvet and duvet cover allows for adjustable heat and easy laundering. The duvet fluffs up the bed with its box-stitch design while the removable cover protects the insert.

Quilts/Throws: Lightweight quilts or textured throws add extra coziness and dimension.

The combination allows for adjustable warmth and easy laundering. The duvet fluffs the bed with its loft and box-stitch design, while the removable cover protects the insert. Choose lightweight quilts with beautiful patterns to layer artfully at the foot of the bed for a decorative touch. 

Now, after understanding the basics and purpose of each layer, let’s use those elements to layer a bed step-by-step:

  1. Cover the mattress with a fitted sheet, smoothing any wrinkles.
  1. Insert the duvet into a crisp duvet cover, arranged neatly on the sheet. 
  1. Finish the shams by inserting pillows into their cases and leaning them against the headboard. 
  1. Artfully place folded quilts/throws at the foot of the bed to complete the luxurious hotel aesthetic.

Home decor magazines and Pinterest are good places to find some inspiration. 

The Perfect Ratio

How to Style a Bed with a Quilt and Comforter

We suggest the exact number of pillows to avoid your bed looking excessively busy and overloaded. Following these perfect ratios, you can achieve your desired look. 

  • Single bed: Use one large backrest cushion propped against the headboard for comfort and support. Add a smaller cushion on top at an angle to complete the cozy look.
  • Double bed: Start by leaning two full-sized rectangular bed pillows against the headboard. Build a pyramid shape with two smaller pillows resting slightly angled on top. Finish with a cute square cushion centered at the head of the bed for symmetry.
  • King-size bed: Begin your cushion setting with three rectangular backrest cushions along the headboard to indulge in plush relaxation. Stack two medium pillows behind at an angle for visual interest. Top it off with a single pillow running perpendicular across the arrangement to pull the aesthetic together.

How to Layer a Bed Like a Hotel?

How to Style a Bed with Pillows

Who doesn’t like a hotel-like atmosphere? To achieve a polished, pro-level look that you see in hotel rooms, integrate these special details:

Bed Skirts: They hide under the bed clutter with ruffled or tailored skirting. Tuck expertly into the mattress corners.  

Mattress Toppers: Mattress toppers provide pillowy softness without buying a whole new mattress. Memory foam and featherbeds offer cloud-like comfort.

Crisply Ironed Sheets: Neatly ironed top sheets lend a smooth, relaxed vibe when made up with tucked hospital corners.

Fluff and Shape Duvets: Wash up duvets so they plump up nicely inside the cover once back on the bed. 

Arrange Decorative Pillows: Decorate the bed with different shapes and patterns for playful styling. Lean them against the headboard or set them artfully across the bedscape. 

Introduce Luxurious Throw Blankets: Create different looks with inviting texture and sheen. Neatly fold halfway at the foot of the bed or across the bottom edge.  

With the right mix of quality bedding arranged purposefully, you’ll create a hotel-like atmosphere in your bedroom. 

Designer Secrets

If the question keeps coming at you ‘How to style a bed like a pro?’ and are interested in creating different looks. In that case, this section explores advanced techniques such as bed linen layering, step-by-step guides, styling quilts for a 'fluffy' appearance, and arranging pillows and cushions for maximum visual impact. Additionally, it covers creating a designer-like finish with tips on choosing color palettes, mixing textures, incorporating patterns, and using white or light colors to create spaciousness.

1. Composing Your Bed Styling Palette 

Like interior design, thoughtfully planning bedding color schemes, patterns, and textures creates a custom bedtime oasis with an elevated look and feel.  

Color Palette: Choose one warm, cool, or neutral tone as an anchor. Then layer in contrasting and complementary hues with alternating pillow shams, patterned quilts or duvet covers for visual interest. White bedding expands smaller spaces.

Patterns:  Mix solids, tones-on-tones, and several statement patterns in a similar color family. Braid textures like smooth sateens with cozy cable knits or fluffy faux furs. 

Textures: Contrast matte shams with sparkling embroidered pillows, and switch up flat sheets with puffy blankets and duvet inserts. Fur throws plus a nubby woven headboard introduces lavish depth.  

2. Seasonal Style

As seasons shift, it’s easy to refresh the look of your bedding while maintaining a stylish look.

Spring/Summer:  Welcome warmer weather with lightweight linen sheets, quilted cotton duvet covers, and breezy throws in solids or tone-on-tone textures.

Fall/Winter: Prepare for cozy nights with flannel sheets, extra pillows, nubby knit or faux fur throws, and fuzzy pillow inserts. Plus, ultra-warm duvet inserts.  

3. Designer Finish 

Take your bed from basic to breathtaking with these special styling techniques:

Bed Linen Layering: Getting the layering order right avoids trapped body heat. But don’t be afraid to play with the creative placement of throws/quilts.

Achieve the “Fluffy” Quilt Look:  Place quilts or duvet covers in the dryer briefly with tennis balls to re-fluff. Arrange artfully folded layers at the foot of the bed. 

Pillow Perfect: Fluff and evenly distribute fiberfill in pillow inserts before placing them in shams. Arrange a mix of patterns angled against the headboard. 


Mastering the art of bed layering and styling is a transformative journey that turns your bedroom into a personalized retreat. You can achieve a magazine-worthy bedroom look with thoughtful care toward quality investments, purposeful layering, creative accents, and designer tips.

Play with textures and colors that soothe and inspire. Keep what delights you and change what no longer serves your vision. Enjoy the process of styling the bed as you experiment. Your bed will become the ultimate expression of comfort and style, ensuring restful nights in your newly styled haven. Make the process creative, and have fun while doing so. Sweet dreams await!


How to Style a Bed Like a Designer?

Designers often create a luxurious look by starting layering with quality bedding, adding decorative pillows, and finishing with a stylish throw. Consider a mix of textures and patterns for a sophisticated appearance.

How to Style a Bed with a Quilt and Comforter?

Layering a quilt and comforter can create depth and warmth. Start with a neutral comforter as the base and add a decorative quilt folded at the foot of the bed. Coordination in colors and patterns creates a cohesive design.

How to Style a Bed with Pillows?

Use a mix of standard, euro, and accent pillows for dimension. Place the larger pillows at the back, followed by smaller ones. Experiment with pillow shams and cases in different textures to add depth. 

How to Dress a Bed for Staging?

Keep the base simple and neutral for staging. Choose a classic white duvet, neatly arranged pillows, and a folded throw at the foot of the bed. This creates an inviting and elegant look.

How to Style a Bed Without Throw Pillows?

To achieve a minimalist look, opt for a clean design with just the essential pillows for comfort. Create a complementary color scheme and invest in quality to make a statement. Using a variety of materials and textures creates visual appeal.

How to Style a Bed for Photography?

Ensure the bed is well-made with smooth linens. Fluff and arrange pillows for symmetry, and consider adding a bright accent pillow or blanket for a pop of color. Natural light is ideal, and adding a small plant on the side or a breakfast tray with colorful fruit is a good idea.

How to Style a King Bed with Pillows?

For a king-sized bed, use three Euro pillows against the headboard, followed by two king-sized pillows, and then smaller decorative pillows. Try out settings with different shapes and textures to add visual interest.

How to Dress a Bed with a Throw?

Fold the throw neatly across the bottom of the bed for an added layer. Choose a throw that complements the color scheme and texture of the bedding. It should be evenly draped for a polished look.