Amalia Black Bedroom Suite

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Amalia bedroom set is a contemporary set where the details shine! Finished in a smooth black, this set speaks of glamour. The bed has a tufted headboard and a crocodile textured footboard. The textured finish is also found in the case piece, which also sport crystal bar handles. Sturdy constructed drawers glide effortlessly on the kenlin metal center runner, designed to stand up to any humidity changes. The case pieces are trimmed in beautiful molding. The dresser offers 6 drawers. Dustproof bottoms seal your case and give added strength. 

Queen Bed - 64.1" X 85" X 53.3"H
Night Stand - 21.7" X 15.8" X 23.7"H
Dresser - 58.4" X 15.8" X 33.1"H
Mirror - 38.2" X 0.9" X 38.2"H